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Frozen Peaks 2019

Dear friends,

As part of your briefing on FROZEN PEAKS, we will inform you the following.


REGISTRATIONS: Registrations continue at normal rates and participations compared to last year are more than doubled. Specifically, for the PANORAMA race, registrations exceeded the limit of participants set by the Organization, while HIGHLAND race has almost reached the maximum number of atletes. In the rest races the entries continue with a doubling of holdings compared to last year.

CERTIFICATION: The Organisation has certified the three PANORAMA (6 - 7 - 400), HIGHLAND (4 - 7 - 340) and HEROES (2 - 5 - 370) races in the I.T.R.A with the corresponding score for each race.

TRANSPORT: In order to facilitate the movement of athletes from their place of residence to Nevrokopi and vice versa, the Organization in cooperation with the KTEL of Drama, has two return services from: ATHENS - LARISA - THESSALONIKI - DRAMA - NEVROKOPI on Wednesday 1/5 and Friday 3/5. Departure from Athens at 09:00 (Larissa Niavis 13:30, Thessaloniki 15:45). Return from Nevrokopi, Sunday afternoon, 5/5 after the end of the prizes and from Drama on the same day at 21:15. Ticket price from Athens 50 euros from Larissa 30 euros and from Thessaloniki 20 euro. Those of the athletes or escorts who are interested can send mail and declare a day and a place to board. mail: until 31/3/2019.

WORK: The cleaning and signaling of the tracks of all races has started. There is enough snow on the high peaks of Orbelos and Falakro, as well as in the shady parts that make it difficult for us to work.

USEFUL INFORMATION: On the website there are the details of each race. (Map, GPX, Technical Data, Chart and Refreshment Data)


TWINNING: We started the twinning process of the PANORAMA and X-Ultra Trail races with the Tihio Race Organisation. We created the Legendary Ultra Trail mini-league. More for this sporting event in a few days.


NEW: There will be physiotherapists and peddler at Neokoropi Central Station.


For O.C.

Nevrokopi 15/3/2019

Papadopoulos Michael


Technical Director

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