1st Information Letter (2018)

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frozen peaks

Dear friend,

The FROZEN PEAKS – Committee is grateful for your choice and your preference in one of our races.

From now on, we will keep you updated on issues related to the Races. This is how we respond to your concerns and provide you with useful information to better organize and plan your effort.

Also in view of your comfortable accommodation at Nevrokopi, you will need to get detailed information about the Rules and the Schedule of the Races.

From November up until now, the Committee designed, finalized and identified all race tracks with the utmost precision. The International Trail Race Association, which is expected to be completed in the upcoming days, is in process of development. Maps of the routes were also captured and the gpx file of each route will be posted shortly. The Rules of Races were posted with all the details, the Power Stations, the Control Points, the Time Exclusion Points, the scheduled times.

The Panorama race was designed on three different routes (circles) centered around Nevrokopi. The Nevrokopi Sports Center will be the Central Power Station of each route. There, athletes will be able to sleep, take a bath, rest, change their backpack, and feed themselves to continue their effort in the time they are left, as long as they wish. Also, in addition to the Nevrokopi Main Station there will be a Second Central Power Station as defined by the Regulation in each race. A Second Station where the athletes can feed and sleep, is the Falakro Ski Center, for both the athletes of PANORAMA and HIGHLAND.

Also, the athletes of the PANORAMA and HIGHLAND races are allowed to use personal items and nutrition from their drop bags at any Power Station. The delivery of these items takes place in the Organizing Secretary on the eve of the race as stated.(drop bags)

Except for the PANORAMA race, for all the other races that will start from Ochiro, the athletes will be transferred from Nevrokopi to Ochiro by buses and under the responsibility of the Organizing Committee.

Also, due to the passage of the athletes through the forts, all participants - except for the LISSE race - must wear a headlight. Inside the forts, overtaking and straining is not allowed to avoid injuries. Particular attention is needed in the stairwell stairways due to the tightness of the space.

Papadopoulos Michael

Race Director-Frozen Peaks

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