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The hiking and Mountaineering Association of Neurokopi on cooperation with its Municipality, announces the holding of the sporting and cultural organization of the race event know as «FROZEN PEAKS 2020». This includes four mountain races of kilometrical distances those of 15, 46, 93 and 261 under conditions of semiautonomy, with the simultaneous holding of cultural events.
The aim of this significant effort the distinction and promotion of the historical, cultural and church monuments the projection of the geographical and climate oddity, the promotion of the sports of natural beauty and that of the products of the broader area of the Municipality as well as the deference to moral values like this of solidarity or that of the old-saying «CONTEND BUT JUSTILY».
The race will be conducted from the 30th of April to the 3rd of May, 2020, in thw region of the Municipality of neurokopi.
More specifically:

1. A Supermarathon Mountain Race known as «PANORAMA» a distance of 261 km and 11.000 m of a positive altitudinal oddity with 3 dissimilar circular routes of approximately 85 km each one. Certified in ITRA with 6 points.

2. A Supermarathon Mountain Race known as «HIGHLANDS» a distance of 93 km and 4.738 m of a positive hypsometrical difference, with constitutes the second part of the route of the PANORAMA RACE, that of 261 km. Certified in ITRA with 4 points.

3. The Marathon race known as «HEROES», a distance of 46 km and 2.000m of a positive altitudinal difference, passing through the historical fortresses of the Second World War. Certified in ITRA with 2 points.

4. A country race for everyone covering a distance of 15 km known as “LISSE”
The terms, the registrations process and cost of the participation in the races, the awards and every other detail will soon be provided in the race regulations.


By the Organizing Committee


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