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Frozen Peaks 2019

Dear friends, athletes, a few days before the start of the FROZEN PEAKS event, we inform you.


This year, the organization responds to its name. It's really FROZEN.


WEATHER. At low altitude the temperature varies. In the morning it goes down to the 4 C and at midday it reaches the 26 C. On the high peaks there are snow and from time to time it blows cold air.

ROUTES. All race tracks have been marked and cleaned. For reasons of safety for athletes and volunteers, the only change in the routes will be that of PANORAMA 2 and HIGHLAND. The summit of Falakro, Prophet Elias remains snow-covered and the path up there, early in the morning, is frozen and at noon the foot sinks to the knee. This is why we have bypassed this particular peak and, in return, we added two more (CLOSEZIKI and PAPPOU) without affecting the technical characteristics of the races. The two peaks of Orbelos (Ali Boutos and Tsolias) are accessible.

CLOTHING. Beware of the mandatory equipment referred to in the Regulation. It is not necessary to use crampons. It is advisable to use ghettos, because there are snowballs and depending on the time of passage from that point the snow can be softened. It is also recommended to use gloves, caps and windbreakers on both high tops and overnight.

STEK. Apart from the Central Refreshment Station, at Nevrokopi, there are five beds for rest or sleep at STEK of Falakro Ski Center, as well as for the same reason at STEK of Ag. Theodoros (PANORAMA 3) and STEK of PAGONERIOU.

The Central STEK of Nevrokopi will be supported by physicians, doctors and physiotherapists.

More on technical racing updates.

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