Panorama (265 χλμ)

265 km

11000 m


Saturday May 02, 2019 07:00

Sunday May 05, 2019 07:00

A 265 km race that will take place on three different routes of about 80+ km each, with the starting and finishing line in Nevrokopi.

1st loop info: 85,790km distance, D+ 3.448m

The first loop includes the northwest region of Nevrokopi, namely: Nevrokopi - Stratac - Akrinos - Orvilos (peak Ali Boutous and Tsolias) - Persek - Lake Katafito - Katafito -  Vathytopos - Cyclas Region - Maliaga - Perithori - Nevrokopi.

2nd loop info: 95km distance & D+ 4.744m

The second loop will include Nevrokopi - Fort Lisse - St Paul peak - Granitis - Pirgi - Falakro (Kartalka peak, xioniotripa & Profitis Ilias) - Falakro ski center – Volakas - Tsakalina - Nevrokopi.

3rd loop info: 83,990km distance & D+ 2.650m

The third loop will include Livadaki - Pagoneri - Lake Lefkogia - Nevrokopi.


  1. should have been born before 1998
  2. should have finished a trail race of more than 100 kilometers in the years 2016 - 2018 or an ultra road race over asphalt over 200 kilometers in 2015-2018.
  3. shhould be able to manage the difficulties of such a race and have experience of trail racing.
  4. should complete a short CV with the main races that the athlete has finished in the years 2015-2018 and his athletic activities.
  5. may apply for the race, if they have finished another difficult compound race (eg iron man, triathlon)

For safety reasons every athlete, is required to carry a backpack with the following mandatory materials throughout his race:

  1. container of liquids of at least two liters
  2. waterproof jacket
  3. long leggings 
  4. Aluminum Blanket
  5. elastic bandage
  6. haemostatic sprays
  7. Emergency whistle
  8. Two headtorches with spare batteries
  9. a spare t-shirt
  10. food equivalent to 1000 calories min
  11. mobile phone with a charged battery. Your call number must be stated when you sign up for the race. The European Emergency Number is 112.
  12. Personal food container

Optionally, athletes can bring with them:

  1. GPS device
  2. compass
  3. the printed description of the route
  4. walking poles (with edges covered)
  5. cap
  6. gloves
  7. windproof blouse
  8. spare pair of socks
  9. talc
  10. emergency sleeping bag

The use of  a camera is allowed.

In the registration file, there will be three (3) plastic bags of different color, each corresponding to each of the three routes of the race, content 30 lt (drop bags) to the athlete's competition number for the placement of materials. The bags (Drop Bags) will remain in the CENTRAL STATION OF NEVROKOPI and will be available to the athlete to return to this Refueling Station.

  • Men's category
  • Women's category

Age category

  • A (20-39) - M20-30 / C (20-39) - W20-30
  • A (40-55) - M40 / C (40-55) - W 40
  • A (55 +) - M50 + / C (55 +) - W50 +

Prizes and commemorative gifts will be awarded:

  • The three (3) first men
  • On the three (3) first women
  • The first (1) athlete and the first (1) athlete of each age category

* (To create an age class there must be at least five athletes in the same category)

Panorama Race