Lisse (15 χλμ)

15 χλμ

223 μ

Από το Οχυρό στο Νευροκόπι

Κυριακή 05 Μαΐου 2019 10:30

Κυριακή 05 Μαΐου 2019 13:00

Ο αγώνας LISSE είναι ένας λαϊκός αγώνας μήκους 12,320 χλμ και υψομετρικής διαφοράς +223 μ. Η διαδρομή αποτελείται από μονοπάτια, χωματόδρομους και άσφαλτο.

The race honors the heroism and resistance of the Greeks for freedom, in the homonymous fortress of Lisse in 1940.

Starting at the Ochiro square next to Nevrokopi, at 10:30 am on Sunday, May 27, the runners will cross the village and head for the Lisse Fort Museum. They will climb the 99 tiled stairs and reach out to the entrance of the Lisse fortress. They will have a panoramic view, to the right of the village Ochiro, until the plateau in Orvilos and to the left the narrow passage of Graniti with the high peaks of Falakro Mountains. Then they will climb up to 480 m (the hardest part of the race), the hill's edge on a marked path and the hill goes down by a machine-gun fortress. Turn left and follow a country road that leads us out of fortress G. Enter the fort with great care. Climb down the narrow stairs and there is a difference in brightness in the room. From the strong outside light to the low in the fort. The route runs for 200 meters across the fortress's interior and allows you to experience and see the interior, the fortifications, living spaces, dining and management. Exit the fortress from the other side of the hill where you will see the old camp facilities. Turn left and follow the country road that descends downhill. Attention, after 810 m, the route leaves the country road and turning right follows a downhill path leading to the foot of the hill near a farm. Following the signals we reach the country road, an old military road. Turn right following the country road. The route takes the round of the hill and then turns to a next junction again to the right to enter the village to reach the square of Ochiro, where it started. There is the Refueling Station there. Turn left and following the public road to Perithori. At a junction, 300 meters further, after passing an iron bridge, we turn right, following a torrent that leads us to Nevrokopi. The route is slightly downhill and in a few minutes it will end at the Nevrokopi Sports Center where we will be waiting to applaud you.


  1. should have been born before 2001

Maximum number of entries: 200 athletes.

  • Men
  • Women

Age Categories

  • A (20-39) - M20-30 / C (20-39) - W20-30
  • A (40-55) - M40 / C (40-55) - W 40
  • A (55 +) - M50 + / C (55 +) - W50 +

Gifts will be awarded to:

  • the three (3) first men
  • the three (3) first women
  • and the first (1) athlete of each age category

(At least five athletes shall be exist in a category, in order to be enabled)

Lisse Race